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Let's stop stopping.

I am a explorer in all that I do. As a Research Scientist I explore the connections between Computer Science and other fields of study, working to integrate it as a modular unit within the K-12 education system. As a mentor, I guide my students into exploring the paths that work best for them, even if it isn't graduate school or curricula research. I enjoy travelling for conferences and exploring other cultures. My passion for research, travel, and service even get to meld as I work on broadening participation in computing in Rwandan secondary schools. If you're interseted in learning more aobut me or the work I do then...

Let's Go!

How do you share your passion?


Check out my latest research in K-12 computer science education. Learn about the exciting games and tools we're bringing to teachers.


My work takes me across the globe. See some behind the scence action and adventure on the travel highlights page.


If you stand for something, then move for it. Learn about my volunteering with children's health and education.