Emigre Make you Journey

Project Description

This curriculum is designed to accompany the documentary Cedars in the Pines, and the former traveling exhibition also entitled, Cedars in the Pines. Emigré is a prototype game project to teach about the history of immigration to the United States. The game follows Hind, a Lebanese immigrant at the turn of the 20th century, making her way from Mount Lebanon, through Beirut, Marseilles, and eventually Ellis Island to reach the United States. The project features a narrative game, telling Hind's story through an immersive visual experience, as well as a story editor, allowing players to create new immigration stories using the game's engine.

Project Details

  • Journeys explores the many choices associated with immigrations. The section includes the history of Lebanon, the reasons the emigrants left home, and the hardships of their long journeys. In the 1800s, thousands boarded steamships for America, where new arrivals faced more challenges in a foreign country.
  • Belonging focuses on the challenges and opportunities of Lebanese immigrants who moved to North Carolina. Newcomers experienced culture shock, struggeled against challenges and discrimination, and earned acceptance and success. The section highlights work, school, and those who have given back to the communities.
  • Being explores what it means to be Lebanese in North Carolina, centering on home, religion, and community. Cultural practices like marriage traditions and food, music and religion, along with community organiztions, played key roles in their efforts. Some traditions were changed to adapt to American culture, but others were strongly maintained.
  • The Story Demo showcases the storytelling and artistic focus of the Emigré project.
  • The Game Demo highlights the decision-making gameplay that will eventually comprise the game.
  • In the News: ‘Cedars in the Pines’ exhibit comes to the City of Oaks . NCSU Techniciam. Feb 27, 2014

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